Dental Real Estate Experts (contd.)

…of any tenant. Many brokers and some attorneys are not aware of the business nuances and obscurities in dental leases that directly affect profitability. Leases are a combination of two operative frameworks – legal and business. Dental tenants, especially, are at an elevated risk of loss due to the significant long-term capital investment required to open a practice. Much of that elevated risk of loss is all within the business framework of a dental lease – outside of the legal framework.

Dentists, nationwide, can rely on our rich experience and ability to distinguish between the business and legal functions of a lease, and then, to follow through with a negotiation strategy that delivers an airtight lease that shifts business risks away from the dental tenant.

In our collective 47 years of tenant/buyer representation, we discovered that dentists, in particular, were markedly underserved in the real estate portion of their practice. They have suffered financially and lost the chance for any real growth and profitability. The common thread: Low-performing locations, Letters of Intent that resulted in over-market lease rates without the best possible build-out allowances and free rent periods, and leases that don’t include the operative business framework that makes an airtight tenant-protective lease.

Dental Real Experts won’t let that happen to our clients. Our representation covers
all of the facets necessary to make the real estate portion of a practice a greater asset.

All at no cost to the dental tenant or buyer.

All prior to final legal review by the dentists’ attorney.

Dentists: Before you sign your life away by entering into a lease, ask yourself this question:

Does my lease protect me against hidden business risks that are perfectly legal?

Leave the real estate portion of your practice to Dental Real Estate Experts.

Focus on case acceptance and patient treatment.

Need recommendations for financing or office design? We can help with that, too!