We’re licensed real estate brokers, and are allowed by agreement, to share in the Listing fees paid to the Landlord’s broker.

Landlords pay their listing broker a set fee for marketing their property. And that agreed-upon dollar amount is paid to the listing broker, whether the tenant has a broker or not.

If the dental tenant has no broker, the landlord pays the listing broker the entire agreed-upon fee.

If the dental tenant has broker representation, the Landlord’s broker pays a portion of his/her fee to the dental tenant’s broker – and there is no cost to the dental tenant.

A dental tenant has two choices in lease representation:

  1. Hire a licensed exclusive broker as his/her representative for comprehensive lease negotiation (which includes location selection, Letter of Intent Negotiation, and Negotiation of the entire business operative structure for maximum savings and protection). In this case, the dental tenant pays nothing. And it’s for maximum savings and risk protection throughout the entire term of the lease.


  2. Hire a consultant and pay a percentage fee based on dollars saved. One might ask, if a real estate tenant broker is paid a portion of the Landlord Broker’s Listing fee, what is the incentive of the tenant broker to work to maximize lease savings to the dental tenant versus the dental tenant hiring a consultant on a percentage fee based on dollars saved?

    We do not charge our clients a percentage fee of the dollars saved in our economic negotiation. Landlords typically inflate their starting price because they know it will be negotiated downward. We…READ MORE..