A lease is a risk-shifting structure full of complexities. It has two operative parts – the business structure (framework) and the legal structure between the parties to the lease. And, there is a huge difference between the two. And it takes a seasoned dental real estate expert to know the difference.

Leases offered by Landlords are always skewed to favor the Landlord by shifting risk to the dental tenant. There are many Landlord stipulations in a lease that are perfectly legal, but are bad business for the dental tenant due to the elevated level of financial risk – a significant capital investment in start-up costs, as well as the possibility of lost revenue.

We’re different from other commercial brokers. We take dental lease negotiation to a whole new level. Our client-centered and tenant-protective approach means we negotiate the entire operative business structure of the dental lease to shift the business risks away from the dental tenant.

Understanding the far-reaching business consequences of Landlord-favored lease stipulations has made us experts in anticipating potential business risks particular to dentists – both in the present and into the future. Through strategic positioning and proven negotiation skills, we minimize these business risks before they can impede the financial health of the practice. We make sure to incorporate protective agreements throughout the lease to preserve and safeguard capital investment and to expand the tenant’s rights. We always recommend legal review of the lease document prior to final signature. The client’s attorney will review the legality of the lease document to ensure that the lease stipulations are valid and enforceable.

A lease can be a best friend or a mortal enemy.

We’ve seen dental leases that inhibit buyer financing, that don’t protect against foreclosure of the property, that inhibit the right to sell the practice, and on, and on, and on. These Landlord stipulations are legal, but are bad business for the dental tenant.

Trust Dental Real Estate Experts to deliver a well-negotiated, airtight lease that contains the necessary business protection you need in the real estate portion of your practice. It goes a long way in controlling the future of your practice.

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