Dental Office Lease

The dental office lease is a very costly and long-term commitment. In fact, real estate costs are second only to payroll in operating a practice.

Dental tenants take on twice the financial risk as do landlords. Yet, landlords always offer leases that are skewed to their favor, which is always a detriment to the dental tenant.

Dental practice owners need a great location with market-savvy economics, and a lease that is skillfully reviewed and negotiated for tenant protection at the highest level.

Dentists shouldn’t have to worry about the real estate portion of their practice – they should have the freedom to focus on case acceptance.

Our Dental Real Estate Services Help You Maximize Business Protection and Minimize Business Risk!

  • Dental Location Assistance

    Choosing the right location for your dental office is a big decision, and can be a critical investment in the future of a practice. Choosing a broker that specializes in dental real estate will provide you with a distinct advantage in the location phase of the lease or purchase process.

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  • Letter of Intent Negotiation

    The Letter of Intent establishes the lease economics, usually limited to lease rate, tenant build-out allowance, and free rent offered by the Landlord, to be integrated within the final lease agreement. Dental Real Estate Experts typically saves an average of 8% to 12% in overall lease costs.

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  • Dental Lease Analysis

    Our extensive lease review system, Lease Analytics, is built on the identification of 68 business risks that can affect dental practice profitability. This thorough risk analysis determines the operative business protections that your dental lease should incorporate.

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  • Dental Lease Negotiation

    Dental leases always favor the landlord. Our client-centered and tenant-protective approach means we negotiate the entire operative business structure of the dental lease to shift the business risks away from the dental tenant. The result? Practice protection, increased practice value, and flexibility for future growth.

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